Volunteer with us

Are you looking to volunteer?

If you are comfortable using the internet, good at communicating with people, and have a few hours to spare each week

Then you could be a Digital Champion volunteer

What other skills do you need to be a Digital Champion? Well, you need to be

  • Enthusiastic about the benefits of being online and able to share this with others
  • Have a friendly approach and the confidence to encourage people to have a go at building online skills
  • Be willing to provide one to one help on using computers

You’ll be helping with

  • Basic internet searching
  • How to fill in online forms
  • Help to set up online accounts including email
  • Job Searches
  • Using Price Comparison Sites

We’re currently looking for Digital Champions in


What are the benefits of being a Digital Champion? This is what our Champions have to say

“Being a Digital Champion is more than volunteering. I feel like I’m part of something.”

“The job satisfaction is massive. It’s helping people and speaking with members of the public I’ve enjoyed most.”

“It’s been fascinating meeting people from so many different backgrounds and ages.”

“You have to be very patient as everyone learns at a different pace, but I would recommend becoming a Digital Champion to anyone whether you’re looking for work or just looking for something to add a little difference to your life.”

“It’s been great to have something current to put on my CV.”

Would you like to know more? Call Tim 07879 483377