About Us

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic people without digital skills were at a significant disadvantage in terms of contacting organisations, finding and obtaining work, accessing financial support and making purchases.

In a post-Covid world, things are much worse, people have lost the face-to-face communication they are used to and are still at a major disadvantage because of the lack of digital skills.

Unfortunately, many of the traditional teaching methods could not be used during the pandemic as face-to-face meetings were not possible. New systems and techniques needed to be developed to help people.

This website has been designed, researched and created by a small team of Platform Housing volunteers who are passionate about Digital Inclusion and learning.

This site is entirely funded by the volunteers that run it.

Lead Developer

Andy is the lead developer, responsible for the design and layout of the site as well as making sure the more complex parts of the site, such as the maps, work.

Research and Communications

Katherine researched the courses we have linked to, this was a major project because of the sheer number of them.

Steve Kelcey
Technical Support

Steve works with assistive technology as a part of his day job. This allows people to stay independent and at home. His role on this site is technical support, looking after the domains, hosting and maintaining the backend of the website.

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